With our two MY12s from MyData has the ability to place 21,000 components per hour each using their Linescan vision and Hydra system. Thanks to this we have the opportunity to produce a large quantity of circuit boards with relatively short assembly time.

Through-hole mounting

With our experienced installers and high focus on quality, we can perform all sorts of through-hole assignments.
And with our SEHO 8135 wave soldering machine with three different heating zones we can guarantee an even heating for the best results on our wave soldering.


With our reflow oven from Heller
with 12 different heating zones consisting of
a total of 24 different heating elements give us a unique possibility to adapt the heat especially for your circuit board to guarantee a perfectly soldered circuit board.


We use two different automatic screen printers, a SpeedPrint and an EKRA.
With these machines, we can with the help of a screening plate guarantee perfect placement and amount of solder paste without any spillage and waste.


Our installers have all been trained in soldering in order to deliver circuit boards with quality solders with as little impact on the circuit board itself as possible


To ensure our quality, all of the produced products go through several stages of
quality assurance. Using a microscope
and test equipment we make sure we are satisfied with our work before anything leaves our premises. We are happy to collaborate with our customers to be able to raise the bar of our quality.


Our electricians are fully certified and perform all kinds of electrical tasks such as installations, service and repairs.

  • Our electricians also help tailor solar installations, large and small. They help to calculate the need and installation.