On the first of January 1996, BKS Elektronikmontering was founded by Bodil, Kjell and Svante, hence the name BKS.

BKS manufactured electronic products and had extensive experience in circuit board manufacturing when it came to both surface mounting and through-hole mounting.

In 2010, John Jonsson joined the company and brought many years of experience in surface mounting and soldering. In addition to his experience in the electronics assembly industry, John was also a trained electrician, which made BKS branch out and take on electrical services.

In 2018, Jens Sjödin started at the company, and with his ability to sift through information, he quickly took over the administration of the company.

In 2020 the company was bought by John and Jens that are now running the company.

At the end of the year 2022, John and Jens felt that they would like to put their own stamp on the company and decide to change the name, and after a long period of thinking, they finally come to the conclusion that BKS will go as J2 Elcomp in the future.

Quality & Environmental Policy

J2 ELCOMP AB is a documented competent and competitive company. Where quality is an overall concept and where we deliver products in the right way, with the right quaity and at the right time.

We prioritize preventive quality measures and always strive to do it right from the start.
Despite this, we have fast and secure procedures to handle any deviations.

We define the customers' needs correctly and unambiguously and assess whether the work is feasible and suitable before we undertake it.

We have delegated quality responsibility so that each function is responsible for its part of the quality assurance work.

We train all our staff continuously so that each employee has the right skills for their tasks.

We work continuously with our suppliers so that they are constantly updated on our quality requirements and check that they can meet these requirements.

We also work with continuous improvements in all functions.

J2 ELCOMP AB's operations themselves involve relatively little environmental impact, but nevertheless we actively work to constantly reduce our environmental impact.

This fits well with the lifestyle that exists here, where nature and the environment are important to us both personally and as a company.

We work focused in harmony with finance and service for continuous improvement.

Including the following areas:

Effective solutions on the transport side where we optimize these to prevent pollution and thus reduce the environmental impact.

Continuously reduce the amount of waste from our operations.

Housekeeping with energy and resources.

Prevention of pollution.

We naturally work to always fulfill the requirements and laws that apply in this area

All employees are kept informed and involved about the environmental work we carry out.